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“As has rightly been said, genuine dialogue requires not only talking but a great deal
of listening, in fact the ‘great art of deep listening.’ Before talking, one needs first of
all to cultivate listening, to be open to new voices, new learning experiences, and then
allow the experiences to settle, to be sedimented in ways that can be deeply
transformative.” (Dallmyr, 2013)
“The activity of representation is successful only if the recipients are able to receive
that information through their ‘viewing’ of the representation.” (van Fraassen, 2008)
“It is not the model that is doing the representing; it is the scientist using the model
who is doing the representing.” (Giere, 2006)
“Truth grafts itself on previous truth, modifying it in the process, just as idiom grafts
itself on previous idiom, and law on previous law. Given previous law and a novel
case, and the judge will twist them into fresh law. Previous idiom; new slang or
metaphor or oddity that hits the public taste; – and presto, a new idiom is made.
Previous truth; fresh facts: – and our mind finds a new truth. … In this way, theories
become instruments rather than answers to enigmas upon which we can rely. We must
not lie back and relax on them, but rather move forwards, and, on occasions, with
their help, rethink their very nature.” (James, 1907)