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Konstantin Genin
is a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University in Logic, Computation &
Methodology. His research is focused on Causal Inference, Foundations of Statistics, and
Machine Learning.
Nancy Nersessian
is Professor of Cognitive Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She
is appointed jointly in the School of Public Policy and the College of Computing, and holds an
adjunct appointment in the School of Architecture. Her research focuses on human creativity in
science. A major theme of her research is conceptual innovation and change in science and
engineering research and learning, specifically the role of analogical and visual modeling and
thought experimenting (simulative modeling). Her current research includes investigating
reasoning and representational procedures in interdisciplinary research laboratories.
Sandra Mitchell,
Professor of the Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh, is the co-
editor of Human by Nature: Between Biology and the Social Sciences (1997) and Ceteris Paribus
Laws (2002). Professor Mitchell is also the author of Biological Complexity and Integrative
Pluralism (2003) and Unsimple Truths: Science, Complexity and Policy (2009). Her research is
on epistemological and metaphysical issues in the philosophy of science. Her interests have
centered on scientific explanations of complex behavior, and how we might best represent multi-
level, multi-component complex systems. She has published articles on functional explanation,
units of selection in evolutionary biology, sociobiology, biological complexity and self-
organization, and scientific laws. Current interests include emergence, the methodological
consequences of biological robustness, and problems in representing deep uncertainty for policy
Rukmini Nair
is Professor of Linguistics and English at of Humanities and Social Sciences
department of IIT, Delhi. Nair was Visiting Professor at the Department of English, Stanford
University, in 2005-2006 and has also taught at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, the National
University of Singapore and the University of Washington at Seattle. Nair serves on the editorial
boards of the International Journal of Literary Semantics, The Journal of Multicultural
Discourses, The Journal of Pragmatics, Psychology & Social Practice, and The Macmillan
Essential Dictionary. As the editor of Biblio, India's leading literary and cultural journal, she is
also part of the Australian ABC Radio's panel of experts for its well-known program 'The Book
Paul Thagard
is a 2013 winner of the Killam Prize from the Canada Council of the Arts. He has
been crossing the divide between the humanities and sciences for over 30 years, linking
fundamental philosophical issues to scientific questions about the nature of the mind and brain.