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generates the rich upper levels in biology. The same applies to the social process of scientific
development. Commensurate experience facilitated by compelling narrative is some sort of
bottom line in complex things.
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Figure 13a
Figure 13b
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Figure 13c
Figure 13d
Figure 14.13
Four accounts of multiple observers addressing the same situation. We
hesitate to reify “same situation,” so think of it as a dummy varable, as in calculus.
Figure 14.13a is simply the sum of the observations. Figure 14.13b is what one
observer sees. Figure 14.13c is what everyone sees. Figure 14.13d is the most
profound and is the culture of the group. Culture is the shared set of predilections as
to what one might see. It will be not only what anyone saw, but is what anyone could
see, because of the collective filter that all members bring.
We have come a long way in this discussion. By dissecting the process of making and using
models, we have created a language that can offer a certain unity. The research group here
combines biological expertise and backgrounds in various sorts of engineering. Comparison
appears to be a favored device with us, which is facilitated by our respective backgrounds.
We have wanted to reach out to the humanities, so as to invite them into our world. While
scientists and engineers are big on data, the humanities have a bottom line in the documents.
We hope that we have managed to lay out a method and perspective that bring others into our
tent. In the end it is all about precision of thought, which we all share, and which we all need
to improve as we all enter a world where complexity cannot be ignored.