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“Although many details remain to be worked out, it is already evident that all the
objective phenomena of the history of life can be explained by purely naturalistic or,
in a proper sense of the sometimes abused word, materialistic factors. They are
readily explicable on the basis of differential reproduction in populations (the main
factor in the modem conception of natural selection) and of the mainly random
interplay of the known processes of heredity. ... Man is the result of a purposeless and
natural process that did not have him in mind.” (Simpson, 1967)
“If our universe came about by some strange fluke and there is nothing outside of it,
no purposeful Creator beyond its time and space to value it or give it meaning, then it
without meaning. The universe can’t generate its own meaning or value
any more than a rare rock sitting on an uninhabited planet can ever be valuable sitting
there all by itself.” (Heeren, 1995)
“A mechanical chain of events determines everything. Morality and religion may be
temporarily useful but are ultimately irrelevant … On the other hand, if the universe is
created, then there must be reality beyond the confines of the universe. The creator is
that ultimate reality and wields authority over all else. The creator is the source of life
and establishes its meaning and purpose.” (Ross, 2005)